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How Much PSL Players Earn? [PSL 8 2023]

How much PSL Players earn

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is a Pakistani professional Twenty20 cricket league founded in 2015 by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). The PSL is designed to be one of the world’s most scalable and profitable leagues.

Players in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) will earn a minimum of $20,000 in the 2023 season. This increases from the $10,000 minimum salary in the 2018 season. It is composed of six franchises representing different cities in Pakistan.

The PSL has a salary cap of $1.2 million per team for the 2023 season. Each franchise can hire foreign players, who will be paid according to their contracts. The remaining squad spots must be filled with Pakistani players who earn at least $20,000 each.

The PSL is currently the richest cricket league in Pakistan, and its player salaries are among the highest in Twenty20 cricket leagues worldwide. The increased salaries for the 2023 season resulted from the league’s continued success and growth.

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PSL Players Salaries based on Categories

The PSL is a franchise-based league that involves 6 teams who play against each other during the season. There is a total of 34 matches that are played during each season and each team plays with other teams twice during a single season.

The players who play for PSL get paid well for their services, but it depends on the team they play for and their performance, as well as their age group. Here we will talk about how much players earn per match and how much money they make overall during an entire season.

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The PSL salary structure depends on his category, position, and performance in the previous season as well as age bracket. The below table shows how much each category earns from this league:

PSL Platinum Category 2023 Price and Salary

The PSL Platinum Category is the most elite level of play in the PSL. Players who make it to the PSL Platinum Category are generally the best players in their region. They are essentially the best at what they do, and they’re paid accordingly.

Player NameTeamSalary in USDSalary in Pkr
Babar AzamPeshwar Zalmi170,000$40,800,000
Shadab KhanIslamabad United170,000$40,800,000
Haider AliKarachi Kings170,000$40,800,000
Shaheen Shah AfridiLahore Qalandar150,000$36,000,000
Rashid KhanLahore Qalandar170,000$40,800,000
M. RizwanMultan Sultan130,000$31,200,000
M NawazQuetta Gladiators150,000$36,000,000

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PSL Diamond Category 2023 Price and Salary

The PSL Diamond Category 2023 is the most lucrative tier in the PSL. Players will also receive bonuses and incentives based on their performance throughout the season.

Player NameTeamSalary in USDSalary in Pkr
M AsifIslamabad United85,000$20,400,000
M Wasim JRIslamabad United60,000$14,400,000
Shoaib MalikKarachi Kings85,000$20,400,000
Imad WasimKarachi Kings85,000$20,400,000
M AmirKarachi Kings85,000$20,400,000
Haris RaufLahore Qalandar85,000$20,400,000
David WieseLahore Qalandar60,000$14,400,000
Shan MasoodMultan Sultan60,000$14,400,000
Khushdil ShahMultan Sultan85,000$20,400,000
Rilee RossouwMultan sultan60,000$14,400,000
Wahab RiazPeshwar Zalmi85,000$20,400,000
RutherfordPeshwar Zalmi60,000$14,400,000
Jason RoyQuetta Gladiators85,000$20,400,000
Iftikhar AhmedQuetta Gladiators60,000$14,400,000

PSL Gold Category 2023 Price and Salary

These are just a few of the many talented players that make up the PSL. While their incomes may seem high to some, it’s important to remember that these cricketers are at the top of their game and are bringing in a lot of revenue for their teams and sponsors.

Player NameTeamSalary in USDSalary in Pkr
Hasan AliIslamabad United50,000$12,000,000
Azam KhanIslamabad United50,000$12,000,000
Faheem AshrafIslamabad United50,000$12,000,000
Abdullah ShafiqLahore Qalandars50,000$12,000,000
Shahnawaz DahaniMultan Sultan50,000$12,000,000
Tim DavidMultan Sultan50,000$12,000,000
M HarisPeshawar Zalmi50,000$12,000,000
M HasnainQuetta Gladiators50,000$12,000,000
Sarfaraz AhmedQuetta Gladiators50,000$12,000,000

PSL Silver Category 2023 Price and Salary

The PSL silver category 2023 distribution is estimated to be between Rs22,000$ – 25000$ and it includes current captains and foreign players who have played at least one match in the last season of the league. The money for this category also includes prize money for all matches played by each team.

Player NameTeamSalary in USDSalary in Pkr
Paul StirlingIslamabad United25,000$6,000,000
Colin MunroIslamabad United25,000$6,000,000
Sharjeel KhanKarachi Kings25,000$6,000,000
Mir HamzaKarachi Kings25,000$6,000,000
Aamir YaminKarachi Kings25,000$6,000,000
Kamran GhulamLahore Qalandar25,000$6,000,000
Harry BrookLahore Qalandar25,000$6,000,000
Amir JamalPeshawar Zalmi25,000$6,000,000
Tom Kholer CadmorePeshawar Zalmi25,000$6,000,000
Salman IrshadPeshawar Zalmi25,000$6,000,000
Umar AkmalQuetta Gladiators25,000$6,000,000
Naveen Ul HaqQuetta Gladiators25,000$6,000,000
Will SmeedQuetta Gladiators25,000$25,000$

PSL Emerging Category 2023 Price and Salary

The PSL Emerging Category is for young talent who have the potential to become future stars of Pakistan cricket. In this category, four young players will give an opportunity to play for Pakistan in international matches.

Player NameTeamSalary in USDSalary in Pkr
Qasim AkramKarachi Kings7,500$1,800,000
Zaman KhanLahore Qalandar7,500$1,800,000
IhsanullahMultan sultan7,500$1,800,000
Abbas AfridiMultan Sultan7,500$1,800,000

PSL Supplementary Category Price and Salary

PSL supplementary Category 2023 player price & salary will be determined by the PCB well before the season starts. All players registered within this category will have their salaries centrally managed by the PCB during the season.

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